The Core is Key

The Core is Keyfeatured

If you want only have time to concentrate on one area of your body during your workouts, I would argue that time should be spent strengthening your Core.  Time spent here will pay dividends in your other cardiovascular exercise and also your day to day activities.

Does the World Really Need More Big Macs?

Does the World Really Need More Big Macs?featured

I was “treated” the other morning to a 3-minute story on my local news amounting to an extended add for 2 new Big Mac sizes.  McDonald’s is evidently releasing the Mac Junior and the Grand Mac in addition to their popular artery buster Big Mac.  This news was covered with the same enthusiasm as other Read more

Sleep Your Way to Weight loss

Sleep Your Way to Weight lossfeatured

If you are looking for an edge in your weight loss quest, read on to learn how to leverage sleep to supercharge your results instead of sabotaging them. Sleep deprivation is commonplace in the modern world.  In our increasingly busy and connected lives, we are simply to distracted to get the sleep we need.  While most agree Read more