5 Reasons to Give Your Valentine the Gift of Fitness

5 Reasons to Give Your Valentine the Gift of Fitnessfeatured

Chocolate and flowers are great, but their impact is fleeting.  Why not give your sweetie a gift that keeps on giving well past the 14th of February.  Getting fit will not just benefit you, it is a gift your Valentine will love as well. Below are five ways getting fit will help your relationship with that special someone.

Get more energized

Want to get out and do stuff with your sweetie?  Of course you do!  The last thing you want is to be too tired or sluggish to get up off the couch and have fun with your Valentine.  Combat your sluggishness by adding regular exercise to your life.

There are countless studies that show that people who are active end up feeling more energetic.  One frequently cited study conducted at the University of Georgia found that sedentary people who added regular low-intensity exercise to their lives were 65% less fatigued and reported 20% higher energy levels.

This is just one example of many.  In fact, a comprehensive review published by Psychology Bulletin confirmed these across the board findings.  In this review, they looked at 70 separate studies on exercise and fatigue. Over 90 percent of those studies confirmed that people who went from sedentary to active improved their energy levels while also reducing their reported fatigue.

You can’t argue with numbers like that!  If you find yourself being too tired to have fun with your significant other then add some exercise to your life.

Be fit and be happy

You want to be happy when you are with the ones we love.  While we all get down on occasion, if you stay active you are more likely to stay positive than if you sit on the couch.  To become fit, you need to exercise of course.  When you exercise, your body releases endorphins and monoamines.  These chemicals combat the effects of stress and anxiety while also creating feelings of euphoria.  In other words, exercise will take away your feelings of stress while also making you happy!

If you also suffer from depression there is even more reason to make exercise and fitness an important part of your life.  The effect of exercise on depression has been studied for over 40 years.   It has been proven that people prone to bouts of depression are less likely to experience depressive episodes if they exercise frequently. The Mayo clinic and others recommend exercise to persons who suffer from depression as a means to not only help you feel better but also prevent future episodes.

So exercise will make you happier.  If you are happier, you will enjoy your partner’s company more.  They, in turn, will also enjoy time spent with you more. So get active and be a happier partner to your Valentine!

You will be a better sleep partner

You don’t want to be the cause of poor sleep for your partner.  If you end up tossing and turning all night, that may well end up being the result.  While it has become increasingly common for couples to sleep in separate beds, I still say the couple that sleeps together, stays together.   One of the best ways to improve your sleep is to become more active.

A summary of research on the relationship between sleep and exercise was reported in The Huffington Post.  The research confirms that those who exercise sleep significantly better than those who don’t.  This improvement does not take place immediately.  It may take up to 16 weeks of changed behavior to realize the full benefit.  However, at that point, the exercisers slept up to 1.25 more hours per night than the non-exercisers.  That’s what I call improved sleep!

So if your sweetie is aggravated by your tossing and turning, add fitness into your life and you will both end up sleeping sounder.

Speaking of bed…

If you have a valentine, the bed you share is not just for sleep.  If you want to ensure you are “ready for duty”, getting fit may be just the ticket.

For both sexes, one of the more obviously sexual benefits of being fit is a more positive body image.  If you keep yourself fit, you will feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself you are more open to and excited by getting it on.  It’s only logical that the better you feel about yourself in your birthday suit, the more likely you will want to strip down with someone else.

The physical benefits of fitness differ a bit for men and women.  Studies have confirmed that men who are physically active reported higher sexual functioning and had more satisfying sex. For women, the physical benefits seemed to be tied closely to when they exercise.  Studies have shown that women react more intensely and rapidly to physical contact immediately after exercise. 

So guys, time to get yourself in shape to ensure you are ready, willing and able for your valentine. And ladies, the best time to have a little fun might just be right after you hit the gym.

Staying fit is something you can share

Perhaps the best reason of all is that getting fit is something you and your valentine can do together.  Committing to fitness as a couple can be a special bonding experience.  If you commit to getting fit together you can share your progress, help support each other when you are challenged, and celebrate your successes together.

Finding activities to do together can be extremely rewarding.  Taking up running, cycling, tennis or other exercises with your Valentine adds hours of quality time together each week.

Making the commitment to improve yourself so you can be a better couple may just be the best gift you can give.  So go ahead, buy flowers and chocolates if you like, but also give your sweetie a happier, fitter, sexier you!  I guarantee this will be the gift that keeps on giving!

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